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Present R&D Condition

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R&D Projects in Business

  • eveloped monolithic wavelength switch modules.
  • Developed devices and integration modules for wavelength switches.
  • Developed 8-channel waveguide CWDM optical modules for optical networks.
  • Developed High Contrast 16-Channel Planar CWDM Filter.
  • Developed multi-purpose optical-gyro-based motion sensors and motion control devices for vessels.
  • Developed modules for OXC.
  • Developed coherent optical transmitter/receiver devices.
  • Developed optical Visible, near, OR for optical PLC-band width medical picture communication equipment based on interferometer.
  • Developed optical switches for ROADM.
  • Developed portable multi-wavelength measuring instruments based on PLC.
  • Developed parallel fluorescence modulator for orthogonal phase shift modulation.

R&D Projects in Progress

  • Thermo-optical Switch, optical attenuator
  • Optical wavelength division multiplexing/demultiplexing devices for WDM-PON
  • Fiber observation system
  • Five-wave wave measurement device
  • Wave measurement device for CWDM
  • Optical modulator
  • Polarization-maintaining optical splitter
  • High  power optical splitter
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