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Mode Conversion Adapter(MCA)

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Mode Conversion Adapter(MCA)

Mode Conversion Adapter(MCA)Mode Conversion Adapter converts optical signals inserted from single-mode optical fiber into multiple mode optical fiber. Inverse (Bi-directional) Mode conversion Adapter is mainly used to utilize existing areas where multi-mode optical fibers are installed, such as apartments.downloadinquiry


  1. 1. Easy to operate
  2. 2. Easy to connect with PLC Splitter
  3. 3. Designed for bi-directional telecommunication
  4. 4. Convert multi-mode into single-mode
  5. 5. Bi-directionality



Mode Conversion Adapter(MCA)
Multi Mode → Single Mode Single Mode → Multi Mode
IL <2.0dB <0.5dB
PDL <1.0dB <0.2dB
RL >40dB

how to operate

how to operate the Mode Conversion Adapter(MCA)
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