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Optical Network Eye System

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Optical Network Eye System

Optical Network Eye SystemOptical Network Eye System Model : PPI-ONE Systemdownloadinquiry


  1. 1. Monitoring system for optical network cables
  2. 2. In-Line Monitoring service
  3. 3. Indicate events on fiber lines
  4. 4. OTDR control system
  5. 5. Switch control system
  6. 6. Optical reflection and block-off filter


Display & control panel

Introduction of the Optical Network Eye System
Display & control panel
Structure 19" 8U type
Display 17" TFT LCD(1280x1024)
Mount type VESA Standard Mount
CPU Intel core 2Quad-Q9500
Board Mainboard 5PCI, 3ISA
Hard Disk SATAHDD250GB
Power supply ATX500W
Network & port 2GigaLAN, 6USB,
D-sub(VGA), 8COM
Etc. Mouse(USB-type),
Operating System Windows XP Professional


Optical Network Eye System OTDR
Structure 19" 4U type
Wavelength 1310nm, 1550nm, 1625nm
Dynamic range 42dB/1310nm,
Light Source Pulsed FP LD,
Dead Zone 3m/Event,
Sampling resolution 0.25, 0.5 meter
Distance accuracy ±5m/100km
Pulse width 10ns, 30ns, 100ns, 300ns,
1us, 3us, 10us, 20us, Auto
Distance range(Max) 240km
Averaging time 5 ~ 600sec
optical port FC/PC

Optical Switching System

Optical Network Eye System Optical Switching System
Optical Switching System
Structure 19" 4U type
I/O Loss ≤2dB
Return loss ≥50dB
Crosstalk ≤80dB
Switching time ≤10ms
Reliability ≥10million
Fiber connector port SC/PC
Temperature range -40 ~ 80℃
Number of port(Max.) 64
Operating State LED Display

Power supply

Optical Network Eye System Power supply
Power supply
Structure 19" 2U type
Power ±48V, AC240VAC, 50/60Hz
Temperature range -40 ~ 80℃
Output Dual output
Etc. 2 Volt panel meter
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